Cosplay Portfolio: Kratos from God of War

Kratos Cosplay God of War

Kratos from God of War was my bigges cosplay challenge of the last 15 years. I worked with all real leather for the first time and the intricate and detailed designs of Sony Santa Monica were not easy to recreate. In the end everything worked out and Marcel did an tremendous job becoming the god of war. I am the proudest girlfriend and costume mama of all times! At Epic Con we were lucky to be able to take our first shooting pics with Christian Gschweng, who captoured the Ghost of Sparta in his unique and epic style.

Kratos Cosplay God of War
photo: Christian Gschweng Photography

In game graphics? No! Kratos Cosplay meets digital art!

I was lurking at the great work of Arndt von Königsmark on instagram for ages and finally at Epic Con we had the opportunity to shoot Kratos with him. The biggest compliment for Cosplayer an photgrapher was, that a whole lot of people thought this might be in game graphics.

Kratos Cosplay Kes Cosplay God of War Leviathan Axe
photo: Arndt von Koenigsmark

Love for the detail: Kratos in Portrait

Floh from Vanity-Art-Photography always has a super eye for the details. As the Blades of Chaos I created for Marcel took me over 200 hours I was super happy about this portrait that show the iconic weapons of Kratos so beautifully. You can also see the intricate patterns in the leather. I traced them on the computer from an ingame screenshot and transferred it in the proper size on the leather belt using transfer paper. After that I put the pattern in the leather with a wood burning tool. This needs a lot of focus, because every mistake will be visible and you’d have to start over again. On the other hand it smells like BBQ, Kratos would surely like this.

Kratos Cosplay Kes Cosplay God of War Blades of Chaos Foam Smith
photo: Vanity-Art-Photography

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