Cosplay Portfolio: Cassia – Heroes of the Storm

Cassia is a complete foam armor build. All armor parts and props are made of EVA foam. I always loved the Amazon from Diablo 2 – and I loved the design Blizzard created for Heroes of the Storm even more. So I decided to create my Cassia War Matron cosplay. It was my first full foam armor for myself after creating Thor for Marcel. The leather effect is created with a combination of different foam colours provided by Cyehra Cosplay.

Cassia Cosplay photo gallery

These first two shots are from Johannes Schwab Digital Arts – fun thing is, we live like 30 minutes from each other, but had our first shooting at Epic Con – 6 hours drive away. It was amazing how he used the available light to capture these wonderful shots in front of the blue wall. These pictures are out of cam and I did no editing, because they are amazing already.

Cassia Cosplay
photo: Johannes Schwab Digital Arts

During Epic Con I also had the opportunity to shoot with Mika from A.Z. Cosplay Productions. He already took an amazing shot from Marcel in his Infinity War Thor and I was super happy that he also had the time to take this amazing pictures from Cassia.

photo: A.Z. Cosplay Production

Cassia Cosplay Heroes of the storm

For this shot I really almost fell over! Mika gave me posing instructions and this shot is proof, that the weirdest a pose feels the better the outcome is. It looks like I’m in complete movement, but in fact I was standing, flexing all I had for Mika to take the shot.

Last, but not least, and more: Finally! Cassia goes Eos Andy

It is really amazing how different light set ups and photographer styles can bring out more facetts of a cosplay. I was really happy to get the opportunity to shoot also with EOS Andy. Being in the german cosplay community for quite a time it was really funny, that we shot for the first time together at Epic Con 2019. So happy we found some time!


Cassia Cosplay
photo: Eos Andy
Cassia Cosplay
photo: Eos Andy


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