About me

Some things about Kes von Puch.

My name ist Kes von Puch – or Dr. Kerstin Seitz, I live near Augsburg in Bavaria and I love to create cosplays and to do all things related to costume design, crafting and DIY. I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy- and superhero movies and TV-Shows, dedicated Whovian (Tennant’s girl btw) and also into video games.

First steps into cosplay.
When I started creating costumes it wasn’t even called cosplay very much in my part of the fandom! I was a huge Star Trek and Lord of the Rings Fan and I think around 2003 the term “cosplay” was just common in the japan style cosplay community back then. My first “cosplay” if you want to call it this way was an elvish inspired dress from the Lord of the Rings – because, yes like thousands of others the Elves, that Peter Jackson created with his team casted the spell of fandom over me. After creating my first cosplay and visiting Ring*Con loving costumes never stopped until today. For some years I was mainly wearing my cosplays at Fedcon and Ring*con. From 2007 on I was also hosting the cosplay contest at both events and in these times my journey as cosplayer and cosplay host began. Till today I love to create cosplays, do photoshootings and host cosplay contest and events on live stages.

What is special about cosplay?
No matter if I create a cosplay a fairy fantasy costume or a new LARP character – one thing is an amziang thing, what I love about cosplay: It is like taking up a challenge! First to find good images or create an original design, finding materials, learn to work with new materials, improve my skills and try to be ready on time with the costume for the convention oder the photoshoot or the contest the cosplay is scheduled for. Cosplay is such a great hobby for be creative in a lot ways – as a tailor, make-up artist, hairstylist, model or actress. And last but not least: Cosplay is great for making friends from all over the world!

Friends introduced me to the great hobby Live Action Role Playing – LARP. Creating characters for a certain setting, developing a character and costume design and to play this character for a weekend is an amazing experience and a lot of fun! I think I learned a lot about acting since I joined Frank being a LARPer. Plus: creating the character designs I learned a lot about costume history and the fashion from different eras from the ancient times (we played e.g. hun inspired people) till victorian times. Since 2009 we mainly play on Western style LARP and so our LARP costume focus is on victorian clothing from the 19th century and I can’t wait to write more about this soon.