Halloween Unicorn Make-up

Last year I had the idea to craft a unicorn horn and create  a Halloween unicorn make-up. Due to personal time limitations I didn’t make it in time to finish and shoot the project last year, but the good thing is: Halloween is back every year again. So I finally made it to not only test and shoot my Halloween make-up idea, I even had some more ideas to add – and I love how it turned out. So if you need a last minute Halloween unicorn look with a certain glam factor: here you go!

What you need:

aluminium foil

painters tape


mod podge

rubber band

needle and thread

acrylic colours in silver and blue

face gems


flesh latex

fake blood and goo

black, red, brown halloween make-up

what you need for a beauty make-up you like


Crafting a unicorn head piece – let’s get started!


Roll up 2 pieces of foil so you have 2 rolls. Crunch them a bit.

Form a tip that is easy with foil

Drill one around another and check that one scroll stays a bit longer. That happens, when you wrap one roll around the other.

To get a thicker end you can also roll up more foil and set it in the lower part of the halloween unicorn horn.

When you like your horn, split the ends and put them to left and right side. These two ends will later sit on your forehead and help to keep the unicorn horn in place.

Halloween Unicorn costume tutorial - painter tape

Cover now everything with painter tape. This helps to keep the foil together. Push the tape on the foil so the twisted structure keeps visible.

To keep the unicorn horn in place also during a long Halloween Party night, we now ad some elastic band. Add more tape also on the headpiese and take the measurement of your head. Before you cut the elastic band give it a few centimeters extra, because we need to make some seams to fix the band.To fix the elastic band through our foil and tape headpiece base, we neet to cut a tiny hole on every side of the headpiece. You can now thread the elastic band through it. Make a lash and fix the rubber band with a hand seam.

Check now, if the rubber band fits well and its not too tight or to long so you have no problems wearing the horn for some hours.

Because the painter tape is not the best base to prime and paint we add a layer of tissues and mod podge on the unicorn horn. This Glue is also a great primer btw!

Halloween Unicorn costume Tutorial - let it dry over night

Cover the whole Unicorn horn with tissue and mod podge. Let everything dry over night.

Now the fun part begins: Halloween unicorn horn paint job. I decided to go for a beautiful white and blue unicorn that rams out of my head. So paint everything white first and add blue colour from the bottom up. And yessss I forgot to take a picture from this step…

Gore time! As the unicorn horn should seem to come out of your head make the tip bloody and smear it down the unicorn horn.

Now its time to wear the unicorn!

IMPORTANT! Put on your outfit BEFORE you wear the unicorn and do all make-up and gore. You might not be able to pull something over you head later and damage your make-up. The rubber band should fix your unicorn horn, but to be sure you can also add some mastix to make it a safe thing making the horn stick for all the party.

I first made a normal beauty make-up fitting the unicorn style. To blend and cover the headpiece I took more pieces of tissue and glued them over the headpiece and my forehead with flesh latex. At the bottom of the horn we have to simulate a hole in the head. Add black and brown make-up around the unicorn horn. Then add red and all kind of goo colour and blend it over the forehead.

I also found some very nice face gems that looked pretty much like the horn has lost crystal parts while thrusting out of my forehead, so I glued them also on the horns bottom and around it. Repeat to use flesh latex and tissues, blood and face gems as long as you like your look.

You can add also fake blood that runs down your face, too. If you swipe the blood of you cheeks it makes the effect even more realistic. I also addes some glitter powder to make my Halloween glam unicorn more – yes. Glamorous!

And here we go – bring out your inner unicorn for Halloween! As this ist my first  DIY post I’d love to read about feedback. I know there are a looot of bloggers doing make-up tutorials, but would you be intersted in a step by step for the whole look, too?

Halloween make-up idea unicorn undead gore

And please! If you decide to be also a Halloween unicorn – show me photooooos! Tag me on fb or insta – I’d love to see what you make out of my Halloween make-up unicorn idea.


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